Exactech knee recall lawsuit

Exactech Knee Recall Lawsuit

Exactech products are prone to premature failure

Exactech has been the subject of several recalls for its knee replacement products, including a recall of more than 40,000 hip replacement implants. The company has admitted that the plastic inserts are prone to premature wear, which can lead to premature failure of the implant. If you or a loved one has experienced an early failure of an Exactech knee implant, you may be able to file a claim against the company.

In addition to its knee products, Exactech has also recalled its ankle arthroplasty systems for the same reason. The polyethylene inserts in these systems were shipped in nonconforming bags, causing the devices to be prone to early failure. These devices also have an increased risk of infection and loosening. As a result, Exactech has compensated patients for out-of-pocket expenses incurred during revision surgery.

Exactech has settled lawsuits for $11 million

Exactech is currently inviting patients with recalled implants to file “claims for reimbursement.” The company has retained Broadspire to handle the claims process. By signing the claim, patients waive the right to file a product liability lawsuit and will receive less compensation than they would receive if they filed a lawsuit in civil court.

The cases are being filed in 11 federal districts. The attorneys for Exactech have requested that they be consolidated in a multidistrict litigation (MDL) in the Eastern District of New York. They are also likely to request that the cases be consolidated in the Northern District of Florida, where the company has its headquarters.

Alternatives to the Exactech Knee Recall Lawsuit

If you’ve been injured by a defective knee implant, you may want to consider filing an Exactech knee recall lawsuit. This company has been in trouble with the law before, including a 2010 settlement with the Department of Justice (DOJ) that was worth nearly $3 million. The DOJ claimed that Exactech had improperly distributed the defective implants to Medicare, Medicaid, and Veterans Affairs beneficiaries.

The failure of the Exactech knee replacement system is extremely serious, and can result in significant pain and lack of knee mobility, requiring a corrective revision surgery. As a result, Exactech has sent a letter to doctors instructing them to stop using Exactech implants in all knee replacement surgeries, and to return their existing stock of recalled implants for a free replacement.

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