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If you’re an avid fan of the Gem Tv Serial, you’ve probably heard of some of its highlights. Among them are Fakes, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, and The Staircase. If you’re not familiar with the series, here’s a rundown of what’s in store.


CBC Gem is releasing a new TV series, Fakes, which is a new ten-episode half-hour drama based on the hit book by David Turko. The show follows two best friends who accidentally build a fake ID empire. As the story unfolds, the girls earn more money than they can imagine, but they are soon raided by the feds. The show also stars Emilija Baranac, Jennifer Tong, and Richard Harmon.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

This Netflix original series is a prequel to the 1982 fantasy film The Dark Crystal. The story is about three Gelfling leaders who rally the seven Gelfling clans to fight the evil Skeksis. The show is a rousing, feminist fantasy with strong female leadership. The series promotes the concept of gender equality in a magical world, healing, and unity.

The Skeksis have ruled over the world of Thra for nearly a thousand trine, but their rule is fading. Their power is threatened by a mysterious disease, causing the Gelfling to rebel against them. However, they are not defeated. The Gelflings have lived peacefully in this world before the crystal was darkened, and the Skeksis have just discovered the power it holds.

Princess Brea of Ha’rar discovers the mysterious symbol and questions the laws of Skeksis. She later pays tribute to two skekOk and skekLach. However, she is unable to save her daughter from the Darkening. Meanwhile, a group of Gelfling clans arrives at Stone-in-the-Wood to aid the Resistance.

The series is based on a Young Adult novel series that introduced the characters and events of the story. The novel series and the show diverge in some story beats, but the overall effect is the same. The show features a strong voice acting cast.

The Staircase

The Staircase is a limited series that follows the trials of Michael Peterson, a man accused of murder. Colin Firth plays Michael Peterson, while Toni Collette plays his wife Kathleen. The drama also stars Patrick Schwarzenegger and Dan DeHaan. It is currently streaming on Gem Tv.

The Staircase is a gripping crime serial that takes many issues and ties them together. Some are political, some are personal, and others explore the fairness of the US justice system. One of the main themes is the effect of a violent death on a family.

It is not surprising that “The Staircase” has become a huge hit in the “true crime” genre. It follows the life of a man who is accused of killing his wife, Kathleen, at the bottom of a staircase. His trial was not a fair one, and many of the testimony used to convict Peterson were later proven to be fabricated. This series makes viewers more skeptical of the criminal justice system.

In 2006, “The Staircase” became a sensation after a true crime series followed the case of Michael Peterson. Peterson was accused of murdering Kathleen Peterson, and he was found guilty after three months of trial. However, in 2013, he successfully appealed the case and was released on bail and house arrest.

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