How to Keep Your Furnace in Great Working Condition

If you’ve just installed a new furnace then you want to make sure that it will be running efficiently and effectively for as long as possible. Getting another replacement or making repairs can be very costly, so how do you keep it in great working condition?

Read ahead to discover some of the simple things you should be doing to avoid faults, issues, flaws, and failures from developing in the future.

Replace Your Filters Regularly

Keeping an eye on your air filters is a vital job for any furnace, and regular replacements can greatly increase the lifespan of the whole system. You should be aiming to change your filters every one to three months, although increased air pollution from smoke, pet dander, and other sources might clog them up more quickly.

A dirty air filter will restrict airflow throughout the system and force your furnace to work much harder than it should have to, leading to potential failures and costly repairs down the line.

Keep The System Clear

Alongside replacing your air filters, you also need to be aware of other areas of the heating system that can affect airflow. Blocked vents and dirt will interrupt circulation and cause problems for your furnace – whether that is a large piece of furniture that’s absorbing all of the heat or a damaged vent that is not fully open.

You also want your ducts to be as clean and free of dust or debris as possible, and you should be getting them professionally cleaned out every couple of years. You might find that the reason your old furnace didn’t last as long as it should have is down to the heating system itself blocking the airflow.

Reduce Leaks and Improve Insulation

The amount of load that your furnace is under will be much higher if there are any leaks in the ductwork, or if your home is poorly insulated overall. The harder your furnace has to work, the quicker it will start to break down.

Try sealing the areas around your windows and doors with foam or caulk, and consider replacing single-panel windows with double-paneled ones that are much better at keeping the heat in.

You also want to reduce leaks from within the system itself. It’s estimated that around 20-30% of all the air moving through a typical duct system is lost due to leaks, and your furnace will be working overtime to make up for that. You can carry out some duct sealing yourself, but it’s usually worth getting a professional in to get the job done properly.

Annual Maintenance Visits

There is nothing that will improve the lifespan of your furnace more than proper maintenance. While some of that can be in the form of simple jobs that you can do yourself, your furnace should also be getting an annual maintenance visit from a professional technician.

They will be able to spot faults before they cause any significant issues, and will keep the unit tuned up and cleaned so that it is running as efficiently as it can.

Reduce The Load

This might seem pretty basic, but overworking your furnace is a fast track to expensive repairs or having to buy a new one entirely. Make sure that you are not forcing your system to work harder or for longer than it can handle, and consider buying a more efficient or powerful furnace if yours just can’t keep up.

Summary: How to Keep Your Furnace in Great Working Condition

If you want your furnace to run like new for a long time, then you need to look after it. That means replacing the air filters, keeping the duct system clean, and carrying out annual maintenance checks.

You also need to make sure you are not forcing your furnace to work too hard, so you should improve the insulation in your home and reduce leaks, and you shouldn’t run the furnace more than it can handle.

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