Most Scenic Regions in Canada to Call Home

Whether you’re moving to Canada from the USA or you’re swapping provinces within Canada, it’s easy to see the natural beauty in this vast country.

From gorgeous rivers and lakes to fantastic mountains and endless shorelines, these are the most scenic regions in this amazing country that the luckiest get to call home.

Great Bear Rainforest, BC

This park is famous within Canada for being home to the incredibly rare all-white species of bear called the spirit bear, but if you’re from outside of the country, the name of this area may surprise you.

This luscious and gorgeous rainforest in British Columbia holds all of the easily recognizable traits of a rainforest. It even stays generally warm during the winter compared to the rest of the country.  This forest is endless gorgeous greenery and wildlife that you can’t find anywhere else.

Jasper National Park, AB

Jasper is often outshined by Banff National Park, which allows it to have all of the stunning views without as much of a crowd as you’d deal with in Banff.  Endless mountain ranges, bright blue glacial rivers and lakes, and huge icebergs you can walk out onto make this feel like a winter wonderland.

In the summer, you can enjoy biking and walking the countless trails, and in the winter, this area becomes a quiet paradise that the locals get to keep all to themselves.  The town itself is small and quiet, offering a couple of restaurants and shops, but you don’t need much when this much beauty surrounds you.

Whistler, BC

If you haven’t visited Whistler: you’re missing out.  Known as the skiing and snowboarding capital of Canada: it’s home to some of the most amazing views in the world.  Surrounded by mountains on all sides, you can take in endless snowy slopes and beautiful views that are unmatched by any other ski resort.

The peaks keep their snow in the summer, but you can enjoy the gorgeous greenery as it pokes out from the melting snow.  Unfortunately, real estate for sale in Whistler is some of the most expensive in the country, but it’s worth it for how beautiful every inch of this area is.

Cavendish Beach, PEI

Away from the snow and ice of the mountains, and the deep forests of Great Bear Rainforest, are the endless beaches and beautiful sands of Prince Edward Island.  These beautiful natural beaches stretch on for eight kilometers and allow visitors the opportunity to enjoy a classic vacation.

If you live here, that means you get beach town vibes year-round and some of the best views in the world. This area is known for its beach festivals, endless live music, and countless forms of entertainment: but the real attraction is the beautiful beach views.

Living in Paradise Makes Everyday Special

Although most of these areas are expensive because of the lack of plots and homes available, it’s worth it.  Being surrounded by beauty regardless of what you’re doing in your daily life makes it special. So don’t be afraid to chase paradise!

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