Moissanite Stud Earrings

Things to Look For When Purchasing Moissanite Stud Earrings

Having a beautiful pair of moissanite stud earrings is a great way to add a little extra sparkle to your outfit. So what are some of the things to look for when purchasing a pair?

Hardness of moissanite diamonds

Having moissanite stud earrings can be a great addition to your wardrobe. This beautiful gem is extremely durable and is perfect for everyday wear. However, it isn’t always cheap. For this reason, shopping around can be a good idea.

Diamonds and moissanite are considered two of the hardest known gemstones. Compared to steel or Tungsten carbide, diamonds are incredibly resistant to scratching. They are also known to refract light differently, resulting in a rainbow-like effect.

While diamonds can have slight inclusions, the majority of them have no visible imperfections. This makes them the perfect choice for engagement rings.

In addition, diamonds are also incredibly durable. The Mohs scale measures the hardness of gemstones, with diamonds rated at a perfect 10. The harder a stone is, the less likely it is to chip or fade.

When choosing a diamond, you should ask the seller or jeweler a few questions about how the stone will hold up to your lifestyle. They also may ask you to examine the stone closely to ensure it is free of imperfections. If the stone is very large, it may require expert help to inspect it.

Generally, moissanite has less inclusions than diamonds. Usually, moissanite falls into the VVS or VS clarity categories. The higher the number of included crystals, the lower the clarity of the stone.

Cost of moissanite stud earrings

Choosing the right earrings can make or break your outfit. Whether you are shopping for yourself or buying gifts for someone, there are a number of things to consider. These include the color of the stone, the cut and the setting, among others.

The stud earring is a small, yet stylish piece of jewelry that can be worn everyday. It is a staple item in any woman’s wardrobe. It is usually a round, diamond-like gemstone set in gold. It is a good choice for a first time jewelry buyer. The stud earring is an ideal way to show off a sparkling engagement ring.

While you are at it, a pair of moissanite earrings may be just the ticket. It has the same dazzling qualities as a diamond, but at a much lower cost. The stone is durable and rarely fades. It is also environmentally friendly.

There are many types of Moissanite stud earrings. Some are simple, like a princess cut gemstone in a white gold setting. Others are more sophisticated, like a diamond-like gemstone in sterling silver. You can choose from a variety of cuts, including a trillion cut, cushion rensu or asymmetrical oval.

A large diamond stud earring is a showpiece, and a small, glittery stud earring can add some sparkle to your wedding ring.

Dimensions of moissanite stud earrings

Choosing the perfect pair of moissanite stud earrings can be a daunting task. Aside from the fact that you have to pick from a sea of similar looking stones, there are other factors to consider. For instance, it’s important to understand that not everyone has the same size ear canal. If you’re petite, a pair of studs might not be a good fit for you. Fortunately, there are a number of companies that specialize in making beautiful and affordable jewelry that will fit every woman’s ear.

One of the more popular styles of moissanite studs is the square. This particular style isn’t just stylish, it’s a functional item. Among the most common uses for these studs are for weddings and other special occasions. Another popular choice is the three claw round. This style is arguably more of a fashion statement than a function stud. For instance, a four claw round will stand out a lot more than a typical three claw style.

It’s also not uncommon to see these studs displayed in the office or on a date night. The best part about this style of studs is that they are surprisingly affordable. The largest studs are usually in the range of $50, but you can find them for as little as $20.

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