Web Design For Family Law Attorneys

Web Design For Family Law Attorneys

The web design for family law attorneys is a very important part of a client’s experience. After all, this is a very life-changing event, and the website must convince the client that your firm is the right one for them. Unfortunately, many family law firms use a cookie-cutter approach to their website design. In fact, the templated design may even pass for a different type of law firm.


When creating a law firm’s website, the experience for visitors should come first. This means having fast-loading pages with an easy-to-use interface. Avoid using pop-ups on your website, as they may annoy visitors. Instead, consider a live chat option.

Color palette

Choosing the right color palette for your family lawyer web design is crucial to its success. The colors you choose should be easy to read and convey a professional image. Blue is one of the most popular colors in web design, and it is associated with professionalism, experience, and trust. Light blue and dark blue are good choices for family lawyer web designs. If you want a more aggressive tone, you can use red, yellow, and black.

Professional images

Professional images are an important part of any family lawyer web design. They should be neutral in tone, high-quality, and easy to read. You can use stock photos, or create your own. You can also use custom photography that speaks about the area of law that your firm practices. You should also include a contact form and header and footer photos.

Contact forms

Having the right contact forms on your website is imperative to attracting clients and driving SEO for your family law firm. A good design for your website should address the questions visitors might have and encourage them to reach out to you. A great design also highlights your firm’s results, focus areas, and target audience. People often look to the internet to find a lawyer, and it is important to be visible to them.


A good layout for a family lawyer’s website makes the site easy to navigate. A simple hamburger-style menu allows users to jump from one page to another with ease. The design is also responsive, so it displays the same way on a mobile device. For additional information, the website also displays a map of offices and their contact information. This layout demonstrates how much the firm cares about its clients.


Creating a website that ranks well in search engine results is an essential part of SEO for a family lawyer. The design should address the questions that visitors may have. It should also provide information that potential clients may find useful. You can hire a web design company to assist you with this.

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