Price of Dog Food in Dubai

What is the Price of Dog Food in Dubai?

Keeping track of your dog’s food and clothing is a tiresome task. Are you seeking the finest dog coats and food available at the most reasonable costs? You can find various dog foods in Dubai without breaking your bank. Let’s probe some of the best dog prices available in the Dubai market today. Also, check out Dog treats for your dogs.

Beagle by Royal Cabin

Royal Canin supplies “Beagle” products. It costs AED 149. One pack weighs three kilograms. These tiny bites are nutritious for your pet. They keep your dog’s height and weight ideal. The primary purpose of the Beagle is to keep your dog tall and handsome. If you live in Dubai, you can feed your dog with this healthy breed.


Available in AED 100 only, Chihuahua is the best dog food for your pet. If your pet feels unenergized and weak, you can feed him with this dog food. However, it is for your puppies. The main task of this food is to strengthen the body of your little best friend and keep him safe. If you feed him Chihuahua, he will grow up as an intense pet. As it is for puppies, one pack costs 1.5 kilograms. It is not a small weight for puppies. Moreover, it keeps your budget safe. 

Lamb Wet Dog Food by Pedigree

Pedigree produces Lamb Wet Dog Food for AED 146 only. It contains 24 pieces. The purpose of this dog food is to defend your pet friend from natural diseases. It also maintains their oral hygiene. Moreover, your dog will easily digest this food. 

Furthermore, it keeps your dog’s skin infection-free. If you live in Dubai, you can enjoy its sale price. Nowadays, it costs AED 146 instead of AED 155. One pack weighs 400 kilograms. 

Mega Chew Chic

If you enjoy going on long walks with your canine, you can purchase Mega Chew Chic. Mega Chew Chic is a dog food that costs AED 28 only. It is a long chewy stick for your dog. Your dog will love this treat after a long walk. It is available at any store in Dubai. The company that produces it is called “Armitage.” Its weight is 70 grams. It is made out of the chicken breast. It is not only yummy for your dog but healthy too. Moreover, it is best for the oral care of your little furry friend. 

Crunchy Bites Chicken

Available at the lowest price, Crunchy Bites Chicken costs AED 14 only. This product (by Arden Grange) is available at any local store in Dubai. You can find it easily in pet shops. 

The most promising part about these dog edibles is that your dog will love to munch on them. These are full of nutrients and keep your dog healthy. 

Large Breed by Wellness

Wellness supplies “Large Breed” in Dubai. It costs AED 420. If you cannot find this pup fare nearby your location, you can order it. The company won’t cost any shipping charges over the order of AED 100. Hence, you can keep your dog’s wellness with WELLNESS dog food. It strengthens the joints of your dog and maintains the digestive system. It weighs 1.8 Kilograms.


If you currently live in Dubai, you can find numerous dog foods. However, buy dog food wisely. Make sure that it keeps your dog healthy and does not break your budget. The dog foods listed above will entertain your dog. You can enjoy yearly sales on these products as well. They are abundantly available on their websites and in pet shops.

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