Best Cartooncrazy Alternatives to Watch Cartoon Online

As kids, everyone has loved cartoons ever since televisions were invented. Watching cartoons and shows as adults, we imagine ourselves as characters. Cartooncrazy was an add-on for Kodi that parents could use to play cartoons and television shows for their children.

We miss the old times when everything was analog, but this post is here to thrill you since you’ll find the best cartooncrazy alternatives so you can stay in touch with your favorite cartoon characters.

Cartooncrazy Alternatives

The site has been ranked the number one alternative to Watch Cartoons Online. The site is primarily popular with anime fans and cartoon addicts. On this website, you can watch anime TV shows, movies, and other cartoon shows.

WatchCartoonOnline, on the other hand, is a paid website and the first choice of many people who enjoy online cartoon shows. It is a basic anime and cartoon streaming channel.

Additionally, this site is the talk of the world when it comes to best cartoon content online. You can watch your favorite cartoons on this site with subtitles and dubbed in a language of your choice.

The interface is simple, user-friendly, and well-managed. One of the major benefits of using this site is that you can list your favorite cartoons and animes. In addition, you can mark the ones you like best.

You can also subscribe to the show to be notified when new episodes or seasons are released.

The Anime Show

Cartooncrazy also offers AnimeShow. The site is very popular among those who have been watching Japanese anime for many years.

There is a wide range of anime shows offered on this streaming platform, including comedy, action, horror, adventure, drama, fantasy, echo, school, shoujo, mechanical, romance, space slice of life, vampire, mystery, and a never ending list of other genres.

AnimeShow’s database contains a large number of anime show collections. Newcomers and young adults alike can find anime shows to watch. Additionally, this website has fewer ads than other similar websites.

Kiss Cartoons is one of the most popular cartoon streaming channels. This is a website where you can watch cartoons in a personalized manner.

This website does not require registration to access its cartoons. Additionally, if you do so, you will receive notifications about upcoming anime seasons, teasers for your favorite shows, and much more.

The best part of this website is that you won’t have to pay to watch any anime shows. The channel offers a comprehensive user experience by systematically organizing everything based on niches.

Kiss Cartoon only has one drawback: It does not have an infinity screen. In both sidebars of the screen, commercial ads are displayed. You can also watch cartoons for free by using KissAnime mobile, an excellent website.


Among the best cum superior websites on the list is Masterani. This website caters to true anime fans. Only free english subs are available on this site.

You will never get bored watching the same anime shows time and time again when you have a wider selection of anime shows. You can find high-quality cartoons on Masterani like the other websites related to anime.

It’s too easy to navigate this website to find your favorite anime show. It’s easier to find what you want by categorizing all the movie content and shows into different groups..


You can directly access OTAKU STREAM online without having to download it, so if you are looking for such a cartoon channel, you should check it out. Easily find your favourite cartoons at this website.

On this community you can request to watch anime series or seasons -based streaming channel. In addition, you can comment on the videos.

There is the option to select the screen mode for this anime website based on the time of day. The best part of Otaku Stream is its outstanding user interface and experience. As a result, it prevents unnecessary display ads from appearing on the home page.

If you have a Twitter or Facebook account, you can register on this site.

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