Bitdefender Activation Code 2020

bitdefender activation code

Bitdefender activation code for free is now very important. Antivirus software is the essential software in this modern age of technology. Cybercriminals are getting innovative and using new ways to get into our data and using it maliciously. Antivirus software is a computer program, used to detect and eradicate malicious content and malware from your computer so that they don’t harm your system or your data.

Bitdefender Activation Code 2021
Bitdefender Activation Code 2021

Bitdefender, a multiplatform software, is among the top-ranking antivirus software, is available for both windows and mac operating systems. Moreover, it has high-speed threat detection that quickly blocks sites that discreetly try to access your information and stops downloading for suspicious files or malware. Bitdefender has additional features such as password manager, parental control, and rescue mode, which will aid the user to make his system more secure easily.


  • It has a fantastic and very user-friendly interface which ensures excellent user experience
  • It includes an antivirus engine that detects malware and eradicates it at a very high speed.
  • The software becomes a giant wall against malware.
  • It quickly optimizes windows Pc, saving you a lot of time.
  • It has an upgraded module for ransomware and a scanner for wifi networks
  • The parental control feature of this software aids the user to monitor the activity of the system
  • The built-in file shredder of this software helps the user to remove files from the hard disk
  • Bitdefender is a lightweight program which offers high-speed performance.


  • Processor: processor speed should be at least 1.67 GHz
  • Storage: It takes up to 2 GB space in the HDD
  • RAM: computer system should have a minimum of 1 GB


Bitdefender is a security tool collection that will aid the user to monitor the computer’s browser activity, and it has additional features such as a .comfile shredder which allows the user to free up space in the hard disk. And on the other end, password managers will save secure the sensitive information and data in any secured folder. Bitdefender Security Activation Code gives freedom to the user to browse the internet safely without any fear of hackers. It offers extra functionality, such as anti-phishing, anti-theft, and a firewall.

Unlike other software products, there’s no text input within the interface to enter the code. The program will ask you to check-in using the email address and password. So, you would like the Bitdefender Central account before using any of the below codes.

When you have signed in, you have to add your subscription to the account by redeeming the card. Available as Family Pack for any or all products, including Antivirus, Internet Protection, VPN Premium, and Total Security, as well.

Bitdefender Activation Code:













  • Download the setup with the crack
  • Use Winrar to extract it
  • Just install it, don’t run it yet
  • Execute the crack folder
  • Click the activation button, restart your computer if required
  • Bitdefender is activated successfully

What if it doesn’t work? You can use the free trial only for new users. You can not reset your free trial, do keep in mind this.

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