Date, Plot, Cast, Story, and Characters of Shimoneta Season 2

The release date, cast, and updates for Shimoneta Season 2 have been announced. Covid-19 delayed the release of the movie until June 23rd, 2021.


The meaning of Shimoneta is “boring world”. Japan is mainly responsible for Shimoneta Season 2. There are no dirty jokes in the novel, which is a boring translation. Japan is known for this series. Based on a manga series, Shimoneta is a light novel adaptation of the manga series. A famous writer called Hirotaka Akagi wrote this famous movie series.

Eito Shimotsuki, a famous illustrator from Japan, illustrated this series as well. Watching anime series is a favorite pastime of the Japanese, and they are die-hard fans. Based on the manga anime series published in 2015, this series is based on the manga anime series.

There are 12 episodes in this series. In addition, after the first season of this series is released, it becomes even more fascinating and exciting. This Shimoneta 2nd season is eagerly anticipated by the fans. Let us now get into the details of this movie.

Shimoneta Season 2 follows the following plotline:

It is an amazing and interesting story. The it’s is in a dystopian alternate Japan. They imposed harsh rules to live in those cages. The story is about those times when people lived in cages. Harshness and mockery were forbidden. There were no independent activities allowed. As a result, the story begins with someone who wants to make himself and his voice known to the world.

This is kind of life that he makes a lot of plans for, so he decides to try and break free. The government is always coming up with new plans to free his people from these toxic rules and regulations. The series has a hero named Tanukichi Okuma. His hometown provided him with a high school education. Additionally, he wanted to make friends with Anna Nishikinomiyo, his girlfriend. He has a crush on her during school time as well.

He comes to know about an organization that publishes secretly anti-government magazines after being kidnapped by someone. This completely changes his life. It leads to the name “blue snow”. Tanukichi then follows this organization. They will publish images that the government has forbidden. Nonetheless, it is primarily for the purpose of challenging the government for its rules and regulations by publishing such articles. The entire first season was completed in 2016.

Shimoneta Season 2 cast and characters:

Season 1 of Shimoneta featured many popular and famous characters. Here we discuss all the details and characters of this movie series. Below we list their names:

Okuma, Tanukichi:

A second season of Shimoneta
In Shimoneta Season 2, Tanukichi Okuma plays the lead character. Despite being an innocent type of protagonist, he is searching for the favor and affection of his crush, so that he is trying to find his love but he runs into a terrorist named blue snow. They kidnapped him and made a plan to undermine his teamwork against government orders.

Rather than teaching the article as a book:

This movie is about Anna, who is the old crush of the hero of the series. In high school, she studies but is uninterested in the Tanukichi. The only thing she wants to accomplish in her life is to catch the blue snow terrorist group. In fact, she finds that Tanukichi is part of the same secret organization. However, she is an extremely beautiful and intelligent young woman.

Otome Saotome:

This movie series also features a female character named Ome. Ome is an extremely talented artist who can do whatever she wants to do. She started to threaten Tanukichi once she saw him in the SOX organization. As soon as she realized that the SOX organization was working secretly to improve the lives of people, she became interested in this organization and also started learning their unique artwork.

Hyouka Fuwa:

The second season of Heyuka Fuwa Shimoneta
The character of Hyouka Fuwa in this movie series is quite sharp. In addition to being a sharp learner, she is also able to predict the future. Even though she sees the SOX often, she is not an official member of the group, which makes her more fond of it. And she’s smart like a cat.

Raiki Guoriki:

Shimoneta Season 2 movie had Raiki Guoriki as the main character, unlike Tanukichi. He is the son of a former terrorist. His interest in Tanukichi soon grows, and soon he starts to like him. Tanukichi were first made known to Raiki through the organization SOX.

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