Destruction of the Round table – Log Horizon season 3

Season 3 of Log Horizon is a famous anime series based on light novels. Check out the characters and episodes from Log Horizon season 3.

Based on a novel, Log Horizon is a famous animated show. A light novel is the name of this novel. Mamare Touno is the author. Aside from that, it is also one of the best animated series on television.

Stage light studios produced its first season, while Shinji Ishihara directed this film. Toshizo Nemoto composed the music for this animated film. Mariko Ito created the character designs. He did, however, use the real names of the characters that were being designed by Hara Kazuhiro. Yuki Nomura was responsible for the art design. Shoji Hata directed the sound and Yasuharu Takanashi provided the soundtrack. The first season premiered on October 5, 2013.

There are 25 episodes in the second season as well. Log Horizon is its official title. The second season was also released on October 4th. The series was produced by a studio with the famous name of Studio DEEN, which was later replaced by the State Light studio. There have been no changes to the storylines in the 2nd series.

Log Horizon season 3 introduction:

The third season of Log Horizon
In addition, I am giving you details on Log Horizon 3 after explaining the first two series of this anime. Moreover, the 3rd season is entitled Destruction of the Round Table. During the announcement of the 3rd series, the 13th of January 2021 was chosen as the date. There are 13 episodes in the 3rd series. You can, however, download Log Horizon 3’s third season from Crunchy Roll’s website.

Destruction of the Round table in Log Horizon 3:

Log Horizon season 3
There are two series of this science fiction anime film, each of which includes 25 episodes. The movie will also be released in Japan in 2021. Despite being released and broadcasted in 2020, the pandemic situation delayed the release and broadcast of this movie. The series has only 12 episodes which are the sequels of the second series of the log horizon. The series has an opening theme designed by a band-maid, and an ending theme designed by a blue horizon.

If you’re a fan of this anime, read this article to learn more about the 12th episode of Log Horizon season 3:

Rayneshiia’s marriage in episode 1:

A fairy ring is useless and fruitless in this episode of the round table. In the real world, this will make it nearly impossible to create a way back and forth. In this episode, Shiroe will also be able to hear about many adventures.

The duke of Akiba: Episode 2

The duke of Akiba gives hope to her people to create a new beginning, but the shiroe and his friends are worried at all the things that have happened to the land.

A fractured round table: Episode 3:

Ein’s motives and movements were revealed in this episode of Log Horizon season 3. Sheroe wants a general election to happen. Also, Shiroe hopes to prevent dissolution of the round table conference.

A general election in episode 4 of Akiba:

The town held its general election in this episode. The general election represents the Ein, while the round table represents Reyneshia.

The Five Blessings episode:

The third season of Log Horizon
The main gate re-opened after Ein’s final speech, allowing many native people to participate in the elections.

Immortal in the utopia of the ethereal: Episode 6

A puppet show was held in the town by Misa and Rize. They revealed the Chinese server through their puppet show.

Not a curse: Episode 7

Kanami will rescue crusty in this episode of Log Horizon season 3. Furthermore, Shiroe realizes the origin of the whole story.

The oldest ancients, episode 8:

During this episode, the rayneshia is instructed to leave from his duties and travel to a Chinese server.

Adoration: Episode 9

A mofur sister is given shelter by Shiroe and friends. Shiroe will rescue the Chinese server.

Labyrinth in Akiba, episode 10:

As part of the adventure of the Chinese server, the Ereinus must power up all teleports.

“Despair genius”: Ep. 11:

Log Horizon season 3 episode 3 shows Akatuski and the Minori becoming fast friends.

“Songs of the Nightingales” is the 12th episode of Log Horizon season 3.

The geniuses on this episode will discover all of his weak points and teach him how to defeat them. Minori eventually revealed her feelings to Shiroe. However, Shiroe tells her that he really enjoys someone else.

In conclusion, here is what Log Horizon season 3 has to say:

Last but not least, I want to remind you to watch the Log Horizon anime movie season 3 episodes. Additionally, the story was originally based on the novel. This anime series also has very strong characters with a lot of power.

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