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How to Start a Wholesale Women’s Clothing Business in China

If you’ve ever wondered how to start a clothing business with buying wholesale, you’re not alone. There are a multitude of resources available to help you find vendors and products in China. You can use online forums, wholesale websites, and even visit the cloth markets in person. However, the most effective way to locate Chinese suppliers is to hire a sourcing agent. These agents are based in China and have a huge network of suppliers, so they’re in the best position to help you find the right vendors.


One of the most popular wholesale clothing companies in China, FondMart represents more than five thousand designers and suppliers and boasts a database of more than 200,000 products. The database is updated manually every sixty days to ensure it reflects the latest trends and styles. The company also has an in-house merchandising and data analysis team that keeps buyers on track. With this data and the powerful merchandising team, FondMart is able to offer a wide variety of products at competitive prices.

A number of the successful customers have seen a significant increase in sales after collaborating with FondMart, with 76% of the brands growing more than three times. Some have seen their monthly sales jump by more than 100%, while others have experienced a 40% monthly growth rate.


DHgate is one of the biggest B2B e-commerce sites in China, bringing together sellers and buyers from all over the world. It offers hundreds of categories and a wide variety of products, at reasonable prices. Its user-friendly interface is easy to navigate, and it offers a range of common features, such as escrow services and logistics services.

You can read reviews and see what other customers have to say about a particular seller before making a purchase. For instance, if a seller sells low-quality products, a customer will leave a negative review. The seller will fix the problem immediately, but a poor review means poor quality and poor-selling practices. In contrast, a seller with numerous good reviews is a trustworthy and reliable seller.


If you want to start a wholesale business in China, the first step is to choose a sourcing agent. A sourcing agent specializes in finding Chinese wholesalers, who will send you the clothes you order. These sourcing agents have years of experience in the industry, have helped thousands of small business owners, and have the latest market data. They can also help you find local suppliers.

It is important to choose a reliable supplier, who has a wide range of products and short delivery times. These suppliers will specialize in multiple forms of clothing and are experts in their fields. You will have to choose suppliers that will provide quality products at a reasonable price and that do not use child or underage labor or substandard working conditions.


There are a number of ways to find a vendor and start a business selling wholesale women’s clothing. You can browse through wholesale websites and forums, or visit cloth markets in China. But the easiest way to find wholesale clothing vendors in China is to hire a sourcing agent. These agents are already based in China and have access to a vast network of suppliers.

Once you find a supplier, the next step is to price the products. You need to remember that buying wholesale clothing means you have to price your items correctly. If you charge too much, you will scare away potential customers, and if you charge too little, you won’t earn enough profit.


If you’re looking for a reliable wholesale company to sell women’s clothing and accessories, Nihaojewelry may be the right choice. The company specializes in fashion jewelry and novelty items but also offers many other products. Because it manufactures its products in-house, it has more control over quality. Furthermore, there are no minimum orders. All you have to do is place an order and the company will ship it to your customer directly.

Nihaojewelry offers a variety of high-quality women’s clothing and accessories at low prices. They also have special inspectors that oversee the quality of the products, so you can purchase with confidence. You can sell their items in your online store or through other online venues like eBay or Amazon. As long as you have a credit card, you can sell Nihaojewelry’s products on these websites. Alternatively, you can sell their products on Facebook, which is free to join. With the low prices of their products, you can earn a lot by reselling them.

Guangzhou White Horse Clothing Market

Guangzhou’s wholesale women’s clothing market has a variety of styles. Its location makes it a favorite destination for international travelers and business people. The market is also easy to reach by public transportation. Those travelling by bus will drive to the market to buy clothes. As a result, shopkeepers in Guangzhou have become very familiar with the needs and wants of international customers. However, language barriers continue to be a major challenge. Some stores have English language boards posted on their windows.

If you are new to sourcing clothing in Guangzhou, you may want to start by focusing on middle and high-end brands. There are more than 1,000 wholesale markets in Guangzhou, which makes it easy to find clothing suppliers. Using the right sourcing agent will make the entire process easier. Companies such as MatchSourcing offer services to assist clients in finding the best suppliers of clothing.


To start a business selling women’s wholesale clothing, you can look for vendors in China. There are many Chinese wholesale vendors that offer clothing of all types, including high-end women’s dresses, lingerie, costumes, and more. The best thing about this industry is that you can find the highest quality products at affordable prices. To find the right vendors, you can do some research online, visit cloth markets in China, or even hire a sourcing agent. These people are already in China, and have access to a vast network of wholesale suppliers.

The advantage of going direct to the manufacturer is that the price is lower. This is because you’ll be cutting out the middlemen. The cons of dealing with middlemen are that you may not have the same quality of clothes as you’d get if you bought from the manufacturer. Buying direct to the manufacturer also means a lower transportation cost. In addition, the quality is higher and you won’t have to deal with any flaws or defects. Buying direct from the manufacturer also gives you a wider range of clothing styles and materials.

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