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Juliana is the signature name behind an extensive range of giftware

Juliana is the signature name behind a wide range of giftware that features beautiful figurines. The range features both classic and contemporary figurines and is renowned for its quality and packaging. The company responds to new trends and is at the forefront of giftware design.

Juliana’s Day of the Dead range offers a mix of contemporary and classic figurines. Each ornament measures around 20cm and is hand-painted in luxurious metallic colours. One of the designs features a man dressed in a bow tie, carrying his skeleton wife in his arms. The piece comes with its own branded gift box.

If you’re looking for an excellent way to get a professional manicure at home, you may want to browse through shop online juliana. Their nail care products can make a professional manicure at home as easy as clicking a button. You can also find Juliana bikes and a Juliana Gewachshaus Grand Oase.

Juliana Nails products allow you to do your own professional manicure at home

Juliana Nails has a line of tools that make it easy for you to achieve the look of a salon-quality manicure. These tools include brushes, corrector pens, nail wipes, and gel polish. The gel polish is a high-quality, high-performance formula that can last up to five weeks. It is also UV-cured, so it doesn’t chip or scratch. In addition, it is self-levelling.

Nail polish comes in different shades that can create many looks. To create a polka-dot design, dip a dotting tool into your nail color and lightly press it onto your nail. The possibilities are endless! Once you have finished your nail design, apply cuticle oil to protect your hands and nails from drying out. This will also prevent hangnails and maintain healthy skin around your nails.

Juliana Bikes

A sister company of Santa Cruz, Juliana is known for making amazing mountain bikes for women. These award-winning bikes come in many different styles and can fit any rider’s style. The company offers a variety of options for different riding styles, from a 29″ maverick to a 150mm trail bike.

Juliana bikes are made with lightweight carbon frames and premium components to deliver maximum performance. In addition, their suspension systems are tuned to adjust to the rider’s weight and height. These bikes also feature Santa Cruz’s Virtual Pivot Point suspension platform.

Juliana Nails Starter Sets

Juliana Nails is a company that has been innovating with nail polish for over 20 years. Their products allow women to have a salon-quality manicure at home. Their gel nail polish is durable and lasts up to 5 weeks. It cures under UV light, so it doesn’t chip or scratch. In addition, it’s self-levelling.

The company has many different types of nail art tools. These include natural nail care products, cuticle oils, nail serums, and corrector pens. Many of these products are compatible with Juliana Nails gel polish.

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