Looking For Dog Boarding in Bangkok?

Looking For Dog Boarding in Bangkok?

Before choosing a dog boarding facility, it is important to visit the facility yourself. You will want to assess the cleanliness, and hygiene of the facilities, as well as the staff’s knowledge of pet care. You will also want to make sure that there is a veterinarian on call in case of emergencies. Also, you should make sure that your pet is fully vaccinated before leaving it with the facility.

Unleashed BKK

Unleashed BKK is a western-style doggy daycare and boarding centre. It does not have any cages, and dogs sleep in communal areas. The facility aims to provide the best experience possible for your dog while you are away. Your dog will get plenty of exercise and playtime, and can enjoy a doggie pool next door. If you’re looking for dog boarding in Bangkok, Unleashed BKK may be the perfect place.

Unleashed is not just for dogs, though. Cats are welcome at the facility as well. Guests are placed in groups according to size and temperament. The staff at the facility is fully trained and there is one supervisor per fifteen guests. This ensures the safety of each guest, and it helps prevent any unpleasant behavior from developing.

Paradise 4 Paws

If you want to bring your dog with you on a trip, Paradise 4 Paws is the perfect choice. Their luxurious dog boarding suites come with everything your dog could possibly want, including a webcam to monitor your dog from anywhere in the world. At night, your dog can retire to the comfort of a cozy bed and get a nightly tuck-in service. There are several other a la carte services available at the resort for your pet to enjoy, including personal cuddle time, outdoor hikes, and private splash lessons.

Paradise 4 Paws is conveniently located next to a large, secure dog park, with a dog pool and scheduled swimming time. They are Bangkok’s premier indoor pet hotel, and all of their facilities are specially designed for your pet’s safety and comfort.

V.I.P Pet Hotel Bangkok

Located in the heart of Bangkok, V.I.P Pet Hotel Bangkok offers a full range of luxury services for your dog’s well-being. The hotel features a modern, cage-free design that gives your pup a home-like environment. It also has two swimming pools, a dog park, a training school and a dog grooming station. There’s even a daycare and spa for your pet.

In the hotel’s 58 rooms, your dog will enjoy views of the outdoor environment. Air conditioning and climate control make it a comfortable place for your dog to stay. Air conditioning and a High-Intensity EPA filtration system help minimize your dog’s exposure to harmful toxins. All of the rooms are fully equipped with modern technologies and equipment for maximum comfort and safety for your dog. You can even request to have your dog groomed if you’d like.


Unleashed Bangkok is a cage-free dog daycare in Bangkok, Thailand. It features deluxe and premium rooms, elevated orthopaedic beds, fleece blankets, and filtered air for your pet’s comfort. Your pet will get plenty of exercise, as well as regular toilet breaks. The daycare is designed to provide your pooch with the best possible environment while you’re away.

While the majority of public parks in Bangkok don’t allow dogs, there are several public places where your pet can exercise. One such park is Ratchaprasong Reservoir, a man-made reservoir that has a four-kilometer bike trail and jogging paths near the water’s edge. While it’s tempting to let your pet off its leash, be careful, especially around young children.

Pets’ Ville

Pets’ Ville is a community that caters to pet lovers. Here, dogs are separated by size and temperament, and have the opportunity to socialize with other pets. They can also take part in activities such as swimming or agility courses. The dog-friendly facility is also known for its veterinary services.

Located near the Bangkok airport, Pets’ Ville offers dog boarding and entertainment. It has recently renovated its rooms. Dog owners can choose from Standard, Deluxe or VIP rooms. Other amenities include a grooming section, pet cafe, doggie pool, and pet playground.

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