Otaku Lounge: Great Items and Gadgets

Otaku Lounges bring together all the good stuff related to anime, gaming, and Japanese culture.

People of all ages enjoy watching anime and playing games. Taking these two genres and combining them with the intriguing Japanese culture, we have the Otaku genre.

The word Otaku implies a higher level of enthusiasm. Some people are so enthralled that they start collecting related merchandise. Some people would modify their homes to give off a geeky vibe.

You can contact us if creating an Otaku Lounge is on your list of upcoming home projects. The following ten items will help you set up your future hub.

Anime Wall Feature

Think about creating a feature anime wall during the planning phase. Print some anime or manga wallpapers or paint a chosen side. Hanging items and installing gadgets should also be considered for this part of the lounge, as this area should be the center of attention.

Alternatively, you can hang custom anime portraits on a pre-painted wall. Stickers, posters, and postcards can also be placed on it. Lights will enhance your feature wall further.

Anime Lamps

It should not be a boring lamp on a side table. Anime lamps have been the rage in recent years. Despite being a good purchase for some reasons, they work better together with other anime paraphernalia.

This is your chance to get a lamp of your favorite anime character. Perfecting this lamp could be as simple as having the manufacturer create a heavily customized version. Yet no matter what, it’s important that it’s displayed in the right spot and accompanied by other geeky items you own.

An Origami Kit

It is important to have something on the lounge or activity table if you frequently invite artsy visitors. Origami kits are one of the most appropriate crafts for an Otaku Lounge. As well as being a fun activity to do with friends, it also relieves stress.

In Persona 4, the protagonist makes origami cranes for free in his room. Kids who are curious about art will enjoy this activity. In addition to teaching patience and calm, it raises children’s understanding that they are doing this for charitable reasons. But we’re still talking about the game!

A Tatami Setting

It is impossible to make Origami without the flooring material often used in Japanese-style rooms. Furthermore, such a setting adds to the otaku feel and would enhance your lounge. Consider getting a tatami chair (Zaisu) and short-legged tables (Chabudai).

Adding these ensembles to a corner of your Otaku Lounge could be a good idea if you have more space. The matcha, homemade takoyaki, and ramen you’ll serve here are all homemade. It’s up to you to prepare them!

Turntable And A Vinyl Of Your Favorite Anime Soundtrack

For the retro lover, there is nothing better than hearing the best anime soundtracks on vinyl. You can’t beat listening to a turntable and enjoying anime songs as you look at the covers.

Anime has produced some insanely catchy tunes, and let’s admit that Tokyo Ghoul’s “Unravel” and Attack on Titan’s “Guren no Yumiya” are two of our favorites. You should always take care of your vinyl records and turntable so you can enjoy them for a long time. For uninterrupted entertainment, purchase record players with cleaners and replacement styli.

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