Pokemon Sword: Vikavolt Weakness, Evolution, Stats, and Moves

The best weakness of Vikavolt. A detailed description of Vikavolt’s weaknesses, evolution, stats, and moves in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Introduction to Vikavolts:

Let’s take a closer look at Vikavolt before learning about Vikavolt Weakness. Kuwagannon is the Japanese word for “Vikavolt”. Electric-bug hybrids like this pokemon are called Vikavolts. This pokemon debuted in generation 7. Vikavolts have a button on their belly. It was used to level up the special magnetic field. This technology was introduced in generation VII. This is the last version of Grubbin. Vikavolts is a species of Pokémon. Electric bugs are called Vikavolts.

Also called a Stag beetle, it is a type of Pokemon. A pokemon like this has a mouth that shoots electricity from it like a fortress. His mouth is shooting a beam of light into the forest. The word originated from Charjabug. His jaws control electricity. During acrobatic flight manoeuvres, Vikavolt is used. These aircraft are capable of flying at great speeds.

The forest’s complicated branches are also easy for him to navigate. In the Pokemon galaxy, Vikavolt is number 18. It is one of the most popular series among all age groups. The animation does not affect his movement. The movement names of Vikavolts are spikes, toxic spikes, traps in arenas, etc.

Vikavolts have a natural power:

A vikavolt’s natural ability is levitation, which can make them very resistant to ground type movements.

Due to the lack of special magnetic types of fields, he can thunder stone. He can be categorized with pinsirs. He and pinsirs belong to the same family. Both are electric types.

Vikavolt’s Weaknesses:

There are many Vikavolt Weaknesses, so let’s have a closer look at them.


As the steel type attacks the rock type of vikavolts, the damage is doubled. Normal damage is taken by the steel type.

Major Vikavolt Weakness: Water:

Water-type vikavolts are dealing with double damage. Water-type creatures receive the same level of damage, attack, and fight as their water-type counterparts.


The grass-type attacks can cause double damage to rock-type vikavolts.


Pokémon of the dragon type can damage the fairy type when attacking. When they are attacked by the fairy type, their damage is doubled.

Weaknesses of Vikavolt Ice:

Dragon-type pokemon have their range of attack doubled by ice-type pokemon.


Vikavolts dealing normal damage are rocks. In addition to attacking their enemies, they are receiving damage from their enemies as well.


Their enemies receive double damage from this type of Vikavolt Weakness. He shoots double shots of fore when the enemies are attacking. His enemies are exercising normal aggression on him. This includes fire attacks.


It does half as much damage when someone attacks them and fights with them. They still receive regular damage when they are attacked.


The damage they do is also normal. When some enemies attack from the ground, they become weaker and they receive double the damage.

The Reason for Vikavolt Weakness

Vikavolt’s abdomen button is capable of generating electricity. It can also be used to control electricity. A powerful electric beam emanates from his mouth when he opens it. His extra battery of electricity allows him to utilize the beam. Its powerful function can enable it to continuously fire light at the enemies in the forest due to the extra battery.

The portable Charjabug also makes it easier to carry. As a flier, he has the ability to perform maneuvers acrobatically. Due to this, he is able to fly through the tangled and dense branches of the trees in the forests. Vilavolt is the best-looking new pokemon type. The sun and moon both feature him. Additionally, he has access to powerful moves due to the fact that it is a bug-type pokemon. The pokemon ignores all ground-type movements.

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