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If you are considering adding a smart home kit to your home, you’ll probably want to know what features each one has. Some of these smart devices are easy to plug in and can connect to your home’s Wi-Fi, while others require professional installation. If you’re not an electrician, you’ll definitely want to get someone in to help you install these items.

Philips Hue

If you’re looking to add smart lighting to your home, you may want to consider a Philips Hue smart light bulb. These bulbs are very flexible, and are designed to work with existing lamps. They can also be dimmed and have a wide range of color temperatures.

The Philips Hue app also lets you customize your lights to match multimedia content. For example, if you have an audiobook or movie, the lights will change color in time to it. You can even change the color scheme by triggering them to play music or videos. Starter kits are available and contain four bulbs.

Wyze Plug

A Wyze Plug is a smart plug with a range of features. It can be controlled wirelessly and is voice-activated so you can use voice commands to turn your lamp on and off. The app also allows you to see how much power each plug is using and how often it’s switched off.

You can connect Wyze plug to your Google Home or Amazon Alexa to control your lighting and other appliances. The plug can also be controlled using the IFTTT service.

iDevices Switch

The iDevices Switch is a simple device that offers easy management of your connected home. It features voice control, scheduling, and energy reports. It is also slim and compact so that it fits in any room. It can control most gadgets in your house, including lights and outlets. This small gadget is a great option for the eco-conscious homeowner who wants to save money and energy.

The iDevices Switch is compatible with a wide range of smart home gadgets and accessories, ranging from lighting to door locks. Smart lights, for example, can be controlled by voice using Siri or Apple’s HomeKit app. You can even get color-changing Lightbulbs, which can be controlled by an app on your smartphone.

Sonos One

The Sonos One Smart Home Gadget is an audio-centric speaker that allows you to play your favorite tunes anywhere you want. It features three input methods: the Sonos app, voice commands, and physical controls. Its integrated microphones and continuity control help you stay in control of what you’re listening to. Alexa can queue up playlists for playback, and you can turn the volume down or stop playback with the Sonos app.

The Sonos One comes in all-black or all-white finishes, and its design is both modern and mature. Its sleek lines make it hard to mistake it for an air freshener, and its solid construction ensures it won’t look cheap or unattractive. It’s also reasonably priced at $199.

Google Nest

The Google Nest Smart Home Gadget is a versatile control hub that can connect to other devices in your home. You can use it to control your lights and other smart home gadgets remotely. This gadget is also capable of intercom and stereo pairing, and allows you to search the internet. This is a great addition to your home automation system.

The Nest Cam is another great smart home gadget. It is easy to install and provides crystal clear pictures and video recording. It can also help you catch burglars in the act and keep track of your pets. It can even notify you when your baby is moving around, so you can check on them if necessary. The Nest Cam is compatible with many other smart home devices and works best with Google Assistant.

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