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Track My Cheating Boyfriend By Phone Number

A few months ago I was on the phone with my boyfriend. We were talking about a girl we both liked and how she seemed to be interested in us. This is a common scenario for both of us, but it is also one that has never happened before — not just because we are college students, but because the relationship is somewhat new. We do not use any sort of dating app or website, so this is something we have never had to deal with before.

I was messaging him while I was on the phone and told him that I thought he was cute and would like to talk to him sometime. He replied that he would like that as well, but that he had other people who wanted to talk right now. I told him that I understood and let it go at that.

But then he told me: “when you do have time, you can call me at xxx-xx-xxxx” (I don’t know what his number was; it didn’t seem important).

This is where I got suspicious. Sure enough, when I looked up his number in my phonebook there it was: (xxx) xxx-xxxx .

What does this prove? Well for starters, maybe he did put this number as a hoax. But there are also some other things to consider:

  1. Is this a coincidence? It could be an error on his part or maybe he uses an old cell phone number (like mine does). Or maybe he actually has an old number which we found an easy way to track down. Or maybe she has a real account already which we didn’t know about? We haven’t done anything illegal (we aren’t being stupid), so there is no reason why someone else would need our numbers, but if they did… what else could they possibly want?

2) Doesn’t it make sense for us to use some sort of tracking software to find out what numbers she has? And if so, why isn’t our cheating boyfriend using one too? Why did we have better luck than they did? Does anyone know what tracking services are available online these days and how much they cost? Can anyone recommend any good ones? Or one of those crazy companies that give you some data about your life for free or something similar…

3) If he set up something like this himself on his own phone or laptop then why wasn’t it detected by any security

What is tracking?

Track My Cheating Boyfriend (TMQB) is a phone app that helps you keep track of your cheating boyfriend. We have contacts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but we also have custom lists of email addresses and phone numbers.

The main thing it does is to match your contact info with publicly available contact info on the web. These lists are made available by:

We also have ways to do it without having to rely on publicly available information. You can use our team tracking as a backup if you don’t mind sharing your address with the world.

How can tracking help catch a cheating boyfriend?

I love the concept of tracking your partner’s cheating behavior. It allows you to look in on their private time and see what they’re up to. I’ve always wanted to use this feature, but have been unable to do it on my phone because I don’t want my husband to know where I’m at.

Tracking is not about seeing your cheating partner, it’s about seeing the cheating partner’s wife (or girlfriend) as well. And that’s a big deal. That is personal information that should be kept private, especially when it comes to relationships with no strings attached.

It can be a real problem if someone knows where you are and who you’re with when they don’t know who else is around them, which means they can eavesdrop on you or even pass on your personal information without realizing it…or so the argument goes.

I’ve had people track me while we were talking in person as well as while we were out of sight using a digital camera or cell phone recording software (since I was using an iPhone). It was all very distracting and took away from the conversation, but I’ve always wanted this feature for my own phone, though tracking someone else would be more difficult since everyone always has their phone out and even if they didn’t all day long, the screen would still be there for me to see when I was out of sight during a conversation.

One thing that has made things much easier for me recently has been iOS 8 Beta 6, which synchronizes your contacts with your iCloud account now instead of with iTunes (like before). This means that if you’ve set up an iCloud account before installing iOS 8 Beta 6 or bought an iPhone 4s running iOS 5 or earlier and then later upgraded to iPhone 5s running iOS 8 Beta 6, then after upgrading your contacts will appear in iCloud rather than iTunes unless Apple decides to change something about how the sync works in iOS 16 Beta 6 later…or perhaps never will change anything about how syncing works at all! All of this makes many things much easier for me now:

  • I can see my husband’s contact list via his iCloud account instead of his iTunes account;
  • My husband doesn’t have access to my email address through his iCloud account anymore;
  • I can see his texting history via his iCloud account rather than through mine;
  • I can view my husband’s calendar events on his iCloud account-this includes text messages sent and received;

How to use a cell phone spy app to track a cheating boyfriend

Many of us have had the experience of being spied on before by our significant other. It’s not necessarily something you want to talk about in public, but it happens, and it’s understandable if you feel paranoid.

The best way to track phone numbers, text messages and other data is with a best cell phone spy app. There are many such apps out there, but only a handful can be trusted. You should be careful to read the reviews and make sure that the company has been around long enough to provide a good service.

After we got married we decided to install some spyware on my wife’s phone (she’s from Russia). We didn’t want her to get suspicious if she came home late at night or couldn’t answer the phone when it rang (for example, if she was watching TV in bed). It worked as planned for almost two years (we simply changed her SIM card each time), until my wife discovered that there was a spyware app installed on her phone. She quickly removed it after that discovery, but unfortunately we haven’t found another one yet; my wife is worried about this because she doesn’t know how much time I spend online at work.

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