What happened to Lana CC Finds

Finds by Lana CC. Lana CC’s Sims 4 Finds Guide. There is a Mod for Drugs, a Mod for Royalty, a Mod for Households, and a Mod for Tradgdies.

There are a number of creative content finds for your Sims 4 character from Lana. These personalized content finds range from hairstyles to makeup. All of Lana’s most renowned choices are here: a popular game maker.

Has Lana cc found Sims 4 been deleted?

During the blog post, the Lana CC creator had stated that all her custom content is ready. She might delete it, however, if anyone attempts to disassemble it. We hope that this magnificent CC will be developed for the Sims Community, but nothing like this has happened so far. As of now, Lana cc has a Sims 4 blog that boasts more than 600 visitors who are enjoying the great content.

There is a well-organized Sims 4 CC from Lana for Sims 4 users. A site map ensures that any new customer can search for personalized content quickly. Tumblr is the most comprehensive list of Sims 4 CC. Since Sims 4 is no longer operating, Lana considers it unusable.

Your question can be answered directly with no. Sims 4 users can use it for as long as they need since it is fully functioning. In Lana’s discretion, the blog may be withdrawn at any time. However, this is not an option at the moment.

Other Sims 4 mods found in Lana CC:

Modification of the drug:

You can have a lot of drugs in Sims 4 such as MDMA, cocaine, and coke that aren’t found in real life! There is also a haven, heroin addiction, marijuana growth, a dealer, and some drug-related escapees. Let’s see how you handle the basement shift.

Basement Drug Mod:

TS4 Basement Drugs are a set of practical medicines. In addition to specially designed medications and animations, the module includes modified walking patterns, moods, requirements, departures, pinnacles, reservoirs, addiction, recovery, and comedowns. However, Basement or us do not encourage, promote, or glorify drug use in real life. The hard reality and downsides of a more extensive use are a necessary characteristic of the modification.

What is the procedure for downloading the drug mod in Lana CC Finds?

Follow these instructions to install Sims 4 drug cc; visit the platform.
You will be taken to Basement Drugs when you click on “Download.”
Go to the downloads folder and open it.
To unzip, just right-click on the folder and choose Unzip: Documents>Collaborative Arts>Collaborate 4> Mod>Collaborative Drugs. This creates a new folder.
Start and play the game.
Plugins for mods and scripts can be activated in game options.

The Monarchy Mod or the Royalty Mod:

Imagine living in a giant castle, becoming a king or queen, and calling people to your service. To make your wish come true, Sims 4 royalty mod is available. On the other hand, you will play generations of a noble family. It means giving names, listening to advice, having princes, ordering minions, and providing for your kingdom. For the most complete game knowledge, make sure you read all the way to the end.


A royal family should be started with a king.
A monarch is a function in this module and can be found within the categories of lifestyles. However, you must first activate full editing mode for the event.
This mod’s most important Sim is a monarch. With any judgment, you are at the top of the line.
Every user could have rights, the Monarch could name a successor, etc.
Your Monarchs can either be beloved monarchs or hated dictators, depending on how they relate to the universe.
They would either love to be around them or hate them.
Make sure your taxes aren’t raised too high.
In Lana CC Finds, how do I install the Royalty Mod / Monarchy Mod?
The mod can be downloaded from this page.
You need to place the Royalty Mod 1.1. Package as well as the script into the MODS folder rather than another folder, since the game cannot interpret scripts.
In order to get started, you must build a Monarch in CAS and make it the ‘Monarch’ trait in Lifestyles.
Your ruler will be at the center of much of your experience. There may be others that you choose.
In addition to the mod’s other features, you can make a sim your Monarch’s trusted consultant by granting them the title, and then you can perform tasks such as taxation and market trading.

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