How Do I Create an Electronic signature in Word?

Do you want to create a docage signature in Word but don’t know how to make these? Don’t worry, here we provide a complete and step-by-step guide. However, firstly, you need to know what an electronic signature is and why it is used.

What is an Electronic Signature?

Also named as eSignature in the technology world, it is a digital type of signature, just like a physical signature. It is available in soft instead of hard form on copies or papers. In other words, it is the digital asset of a person who makes the documents more professional. 

Why is Electronic Signature Important?

An electronic signature is important for multiple reasons, and some of these are given below!

  • The main purpose is that it makes your document more professional and adds value
  • No one can change or copy your digital signature; hence, it is safer than written signatures. On the other hand, written signatures have an issue of copying by everyone
  • It shows that the owner signs the content or document, and hence it gains more trust and authenticity
  • Most of the certificates and documents which are signed using digital signatures never expired, which is another level of advantages
  • These are easy to use as every time you copy or insert it wherever these are needed

Steps to Create Electronic Signature in Word

Here is a proven step-by-step guide on creating electronic signatures on Word!

  • Open the document where you want to add a signature and search for the Word signature to add them 
  • Now click on the signature, and there are multiple options available to choose
  • We recommend selecting on insert signature tab and proceeding further
  • It’s the exact step where you add the details about your document. Add all of your related preferences and then add further information, including name, education, and a signature type/style 
  • Save these signatures as images on your local disk or drive 

Hurrah! Your signatures are now ready to use everywhere you want

  • For each time you want to add a signature, open the document and add the insert
  • After that, choose the option insert image and select the image that you saved as your signature

Points You Need to Consider while Creating Electronic Signatures

Here are some points which are necessary to consider while adding electronic signatures to your document

  • Don’t share your signatures which you prepared with anyone
  • Digital signatures are not most of the time trusted by other users or those who are curious about security; the reason is that everyone can use your digital signatures after finding them using an online resource

Wrapping Up- How to Create an Electronic Signature in Word

Hence, the above details how to create and add digital signatures to documents. All these steps are easy to follow. Moreover, these are similar whether you use MacBook, a computer, or a laptop. Even you can use a similar method for the mobile phone or iPhone. 

We highly recommend using a digital signature and getting a digital lifestyle that enhances your enjoyment and professional level. These are now important to use on different platforms, including a sales platform or any other platform which is your business or the main revenue source. 

However, at the same time, you need to take care of some rules mentioned above. Follow these rules and save your digital signatures to use in the future. We want to mention one more important thing: create these signatures with care and complete attention, as changing them is not recommended. 

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