Illusory Script 5E Spell In DnD

You need to write something down on parchment, paper, and also you’ll need other writing material to write it down on then you need to infuse it with a powerful illusion that will last forever.

Illusory Script 5e casts a spell that makes the text appear as normal writing to you and any other creatures you designate at those times, delivering whatever message you had in mind when you wrote the text. The only exception is when the writing was part of an unknown or magical script which is unintelligible. In addition to this, you have another alternative where you’ll be able to cause the writing to appear on be altogether different, like a special message, a different script, and a language you are not aware of.

Spell Illusory Script 5E

Script Illusory 5E
Approximately one minute of casting
Touch: Ranging
The spell consumes at least 10 GP in lead-based ink.
Time: 10 days
There are three classes: Bard, Warlock, and Wizard

Script Illusory 5E

The illusion is debatable in its strength. It can be broken by anyone with Truesight. Casting Detect Magic would enable the user to see there is an illusion in effect, but they wouldn’t know what exactly the illusion is, and they still wouldn’t be able to read what was written. Because the magic of the spell lasts for 10 days, it might be magically dispelled or temporarily disabled in an antimagic zone. Those who are suspicious should pay attention to the following:

Instructions or other information are written on parchment, paper, or other suitable writing materials. A foreign or magical writing appears to be written in the illusory script. It can only be read by the person (or persons) designated by you during casting; it is incomprehensible to others, although an illusionist recognizes it as an illusory script.

The attempt by an unauthorized creature to read the script triggers a potent illusory effect and requires a saving throw. If the creature succeeds at its saving throw, it looks disoriented only slightly. You implanted a suggestion into the script at the time the illusory script spell was cast, causing the creature to fail.

No mention is made in the spells of a creature being able to make an Investigation check to determine whether it’s an illusion, so I might assume that they cannot “just see through it”. However, that does not mean they will blindly accept the paper/document as what you claim it is. Even a document that supposedly was written by a king could be suspect if it came from a commoner. Guards who hold said document won’t be able to see through the illusion, but they may make an insight check to see if you’re acting strangely or if you’re lying.

One last point.

You, the person you choose, and every living creature with true sight can only see through the illusion. Aside from those who can identify/detect magic, people can only know that it’s an illusion (arcana check maybe). Dispel will also erase the important message, so they must wait for its effect to finish in order to read it.

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