False Life 5th Edition for D&D

You gain 1d4+4 Temporary Hit Points for the Duration after implanting a necromantic facsimile of life into yourself. You lose temporary hit points first- they serve as a buffer when you lose hit points. Your third paragraph cannot be accurate since you lose temporary hit points first. False Life 5th Edition for D&D.
When this spell is cast using a spell slot of 2nd level or higher, you gain an additional 5 Temporary Hit Points for every level above 1st.

Game of Life 5E

5E False LifeA single action takes one minute to castSelf-referentialAlcohol or distilled spirits (a small amount). The duration of this session is one hourThe following classes are available: Sorcerer, WizardFalse Life gives temporary hit points. It’s better to think of it like going from 12/12 to 20/12. The maximum hit points are not affected.The following may be a little confusing for you, so disregard it if it is. But I actually count it as two separate HP bars: 12/12 on one, and 8/8 on the other.

It is a separate pool of health that depletes before your regular HP, and it does not effect your regular HP.
To determine if new players are interested in playing D&D, I prefer starting with a low-level, quick module. As a DM, you won’t have to waste effort building a world for people who won’t find it enjoyable. You get a chance to see how D&D works and if it corresponds to your preconceived notions. Therefore, the module should last only a few sessions, at the end of which everyone should be able to decide whether to continue or not.

It should not be shunned by those who give it a try and don’t like it.Four damage is dealt to you.

Your HP is 12/12 + 4. Your HP is now 8/12 after taking 8 damage. In your case, having healed for 7, you are now at 12/12 HP, since those cannot be restored by healing since they are not actual HP. But having been hit for 9, you are now at 3/12 HP. Once the duration of the spell elapses, you are still at 3/12 HP because of only the temporary HP getaway.

D&D spells are usually deeply mystical and at least spiritual in their reasoning behind gestures, rituals, and components (pun intended).
In regards to the spell ‘false life,’ I may honestly refrain from a clear effect in any way. You can fluff some positive energy into it if you subscribe to the (much better). Idea that healing is necromancy (second wind is in fact derived from pneuma).

There are exactly the same classes and races available in D&D as they are in 5e. Despite the gratuitous swearing, it is simple and quick to play. (the principles can all be written on one side of a double-sided piece of paper). There is no ability grading. There are usually DMs like these in D&D, who play favorites, make campaigns ridiculously hard just. Because “it’s the DM’s job to challenge the players lol”, are downright toxic to the table. Who mostly just write books rather than D&D campaigns.

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