Leonin 5e (5th Edition) Race in D&D

Thousands of years ago, the Mythic Odysseys of Theros simply stared at Catpeople and wondered: “what if they were bigger?”.””bigger?”.””bigger?”.”” They are known as Leonins, and are the fiercest creatures on the planes. Is it like being a lion who walks, talks, and isolates? I think it might be. I’ll have to check the Leonin 5E guide to find out.

Leonardin 5e

Leonins are confident of their abilities. They have hunted alone for millennia, and shouldn’t be looking for help anytime soon. As a result, they have an imperial mindset – you have dealt with matters all your life by yourself. In your childhood, you often engaged in conflicts with words, fists, or swords, and your pride mates trained with you every day.

The hide armor has an armor class of 14.
Points scored: 11 (2d8+2)
40 feet per second
Athirtics: +4, Acrobatics: +4
Passive Perception 11: Senses
Common and Leonin
The challenge is 1/4 (50XP)

Though you are aware of the traitors outside of your Pride… You have decided to venture. Your new pride is these humans.

Leonardo and the Gods

Your isolationistic nature extends to the level where you even shun the Gods; your humans describe how they used to worship the same Gods as everybody else… but you have been betrayed. Now, your mindset towards them probably differs from that of your allies.

Home in Theros

Your homeland is the shining land of Oreskos, a lands of undeniable splendor untouched by most. In this land you will find top game, flocks of birds, and everything else a Leonin might want. The society where you live is a matriarchal one, where relationships determine status. Neither unpredictable humans, nor these atypical tritons, are as close to your human beings as fey beasts are.

Although you tend to be incredibly nomadic, you have an abundance of prides. As a rule, you comply with the directions of elders, especially those appointed by the Speaker. There are only a few series of prides left that do not fall under the rule of the Speaker.


Strartsword: melee weapon attack, reach 5ft, +4 to hit. If hit, it will do 5 (1d6 + 2) piercing damage.
Bite attacks have a range of 5 feet and a power rating of +4! It damages the target for 1d4 + 2 points.
The javelin is a melee or ranged weapon with a +4 to hit rate, a range of 30/120 feet, and a reach of 5 feet. Hits inflict piercing damage of 1d8+1.
The names of Leonin
In Tethmos, the place where most tribes’ elders gather to unearth knowledge, the Leonin occasionally gather. It is the only town of importance, and the Leonin guard it fiercely if an outsider does not earn their trust.
The names of the female characters are Aletha, Atagone, Demne, Doxia, Ecate, Eriz, Gragonde, Iadma, Koila, Oramne, Seza, Ziore.
The names of the following males are: Apto, Athoz, Baragon, Bryguz, Eremoz, Gorioz, Grexes, Oriz, Pyxathor, Teoz, Xemnon, Xior
These are some of their pride names: Embereye, Flintclaw, Goldenfield, Ironmane, Starfeller, Sunguides

In Theros, Leonin 5e are a proud race of cat-folk who dwell on the golden plains of Oreskos, a land surrounded by mountains that even the gods hardly ever venture into. Territorially aggressive, they hardly ever interact with strangers or even allow them into their lands. Despite being self-reliant, magnificently athletic, and quick to anger, Leonin is extremely self-assured.

With a beautiful name and a first identity, they become aware of themselves. Although there is little evidence for a naming convention for first names, pleasure names are generally a combination of two words, usually marking a perceived bodily or intellectual component of the pride.

The 5th Edition of Leonin in D&D

Leonins are Strength-based brutes with a comparable capability score to Half-Orcs. The Leonins get a free skill, Darkvision, and a roar that can frighten creatures in close proximity, which makes them an excellent, interesting, and very useful race.

It is not such a convenient desire as the Barbarian or the Fighter, yet it is nonetheless an exceptional option. Paladins are very adept with Charisma, however they are not necessarily looking for an enlarge at 1st level. While Leonin’s racial talent selections consist of Strength and Constitution, Perception is not listed in the Paladin’s list of classification skills.

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