Zephyr Strike 5th Edition (5e) for D&D

As the wind moves, so do you. During this time, you don’t face any opportunity attacks. In addition, the first time you make a weapon attack before the spell ends, your attack roll is a plus, and you increase your speed by 30 feet until the end of the turn.

Zephyr strike gave its caster a quick burst of speed as well as increased attack accuracy. It was a transmutation spell used by rangers.

Strike 5E Zephyr

Strike 5E, Zephyr Strike
One bonus action is cast during the casting time
Contains the following components: V
Concentration, 1 minute
No scales
Ranger: the caster

A subsequent attack within one minute could be considered by the caster after casting this spell. Due to the enhanced accuracy, the caster moved like the wind for a few seconds, moving just like the wind.
You can cast spells as bonus actions while you’re equipped with spell slots. These bonus actions grant you sneak attack damage plus a boost on your attack, giving you the same benefits as disengage cunning.

The current spell has the downside of being a ranger spell.

You’ll need to become a ranger in order to use the spell. Ranger spells and a few spell slots are available after two levels of ranger. But at what point does the multiclassing end? A ranger’s next level will give you a spell slot and the benefits of the ranger archetype. As a ranger, you gain the ASI you lose by multi-classing at the 4th level. Alternatively, you can require two ranger levels and a few warlock levels. A brief rest restores the two spell slots gained by taking 2 levels of warlock. During an extended rest, ranger spell slots are restored.

In Zephyr Strike, you’re a ranger who uses it as a way to escape jail. It is likely that Hex and Hunter’s Mark will deal more damage since they remain for multiple turns. You’d decide which one to use based on the percentage of spell slots you have left and the cost of doing so. It’s good to keep a Warlock slot free for Zephyr Strike since the Warlock has some cool spells (Armor of Agathys and Hellish Rebuke are my favorites). Hex can also significantly reduce skill checks made by grapplers and stealthy opponents (it also makes it difficult for casters to establish concentration if they don’t go down quickly)

ZS isn’t a wizard spell and ATs only use wizard spell lists.

Warlock spells aren’t included in PS, because ZS isn’t a warlock spell. Unlike other subclasses, bards receive magical secrets regardless of their subclass. Wrathful smite seemed to fit better for hexblade.

I have never been able to understand whether the speed bonus is applied before or after an attack? Suppose you are 60 feet from an enemy and wanted to use ZS to close the space. According to my group, you catch on after attacking. According to what I understood, the last part of the spell and therefore the magic wear off afterward, so an attack must occur before an attack boost as long as the attack continues.

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