Pokemon Go – Ways to Catch Dragon Type Pokemon

Dragon-type Pokemon in Pokémon Go. Where can I find the best dragon Pokémon? Check out these tips.

Pokémon Go is an AR mobile game that allows you to enter into a fantasy world where you can embark on an adventurous expedition while at the same time enriching your life. You can customize your avatar in Pokemon Go, and dragon-type pokemon are mostly available. Avatars can reside in numerous regions around the world after they are created, which is displayed on the map.

Pokemon Go Collection of Dragon Type:

There is a huge variety of pokemon in Pokemon Go, and you can throw a poke ball at any wild pokemon you encounter. The player receives Candy and Stardust as rewards for completing the encounter. With these currencies, the player can increase the level of their pokemon. Players used to be able to reach level 40, but that limit has now been raised to level 50. Pokedex is the most comprehensive pokemon logbook and the goal is to collect as many pokemons as possible.

Pokemon Go dragons:

Pokemon have a total of 18 different types, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. There is no doubt that dragon types are among the most sought after and widely recognized among all pokemon. As a result, dragon types are considered the perfect attackers because they take down their opponents. Although they are superior, stronger and more powerful than Ice and Fairy, they are still weak.

When selecting a type of dragon, you have a variety of choices. Dragons vary in several ways and their distinctive moves are what make them unique. Sadly, they can only use one fast move and one charge move when they enter battle. There is no definitive answer to which type of dragon is the best and the strongest of all, but let’s examine the following list and determine which is the most powerful of them.


Pokémon go that has a lilac color and appears to have soft personality, but is capable of dealing massive amounts of damage. It has a high CP max and base stats focused on attack, which makes it an exceptional shield. As with many other pokemon species, it is a fifth-generation Legendary with dual typing. If you want to deal absolute damage to Reshiram, fire attacks should be used.

To achieve maximum and extreme damage output, you have to pair the fire fang with overheat. As opposed to the great Reshiram, other dragons such as Dragon Breath or Draco Meteor will cause slightly less destruction. Furthermore, there is no weakness specific to this dragon.

Reshiram is, however, a good defense against fire and grass attacks, which is why it only receives 39.1% damage to its body. There are certain limitations associated with certain pokemon species for choosing the battlefield, but Reshiram is the go-to dragon type on your team considered to be the legend of them all.


Salamence, which has the ability to fly and is, of course, a dragon, is the most popular dragon type pokemon. A blue bird with red stripes on the neck and tail is primarily blue in color. Further, it has two pairs of pointed teeth and gray stripes on its legs.

The most it does is fly and release fire, stopping only when it gets tired or sleepy. When angry, Salamence becomes unmanageable. Furthermore, Salamence is known for its Outrage and Dragon Tale moves.

Together, these moves deal Salamence 19.7% damage per second, which is a lot in comparison with Reshiram. Its potential to be caught in a shadow form is what distinguishes it from other species. In fact, it is the easiest and one of the best dragons to add to your team.


Generation four introduced Palkia, a type of water dragon pokemon. On Palkia’s arms are large armored plates in a light gray pink color. Pearls are associated with Palkia because each armor has a pearl in the center.

Travel in different dimensions is possible for it. It does not have a specific weakness, but it is weak towards all kinds of Dragons and Fairies. The physical resistance of Palkia to water and fire moves is as good as Salamence’s. Its versatility definitely qualifies it for the role of a good teammate.


Known as the strongest species due to its ability to evolve and hold any item simultaneously. It has the highest stats, making it a strong creature. It flies high in the skies most of the time. Rayquaza, due to its dragon, flying, and ground moves, can adapt itself to a variety of situations.

Rayquaza’s weakness is ice types, so the player should avoid them. In terms of type resistance, however, the grass and ground mix is the best choice with 39.1%. Rayquaza is undoubtedly one of the best dragon types in Pokemon Go.


Garchomp is dark blue in color with a jet-like feature on its horn. It can smell its prey even from a great distance because of this feature. Flying at the speed of a plane, it is capable of catching prey at incredible speeds.

While it mostly lives in caves, it can also be found in volcanic mountains. It hunts bird pokemons and eats entire flocks of them. There are times when it fights with Salamence while both are searching for food. In addition, it can boast over 4400 CP with a balanced base stat allocation allowing it to have a high health to complement its high damage.

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