Release date, cast and story of Ajin Season 3

The release date for Ajin Anime Season 3 has been confirmed. Despite being ready for release in end of 2021, the film has been postponed due to Covid-19.


The third season of Ajin is a supernatural power series from Japan. Japanese people originally created this series. The series has been very popular in Japan, but international viewers can also watch previous seasons. Gamon Sakurai, the famous writer, originally created the Ajin series. The first season first aired in January 2016.

In October and November of 2016, the second part of the film was released. Thanks to its supernatural content and characters, the series becomes a hit in 2016. We are going to tell you everything you need to know about Ajin Anime season 3. The purpose of this article is to give you details about the plot of Ajin season 3 and the content our readers should expect. Keep reading to learn more about this supernatural story.

Ajin season 3’s plot consists of the following:

The Ajin season 3 has not been revealed yet, but we can assume and hypothesize that it will be the third season. There is currently a third season of this movie in production, according to the series creator. The supernatural story in this animated series is absolutely fantastic and amazing. Many rumors have been spreading that the third part of the Ajin series won’t be released for many reasons, including the pandemic situation around the world.

There are no details about the story of Ajin Season 3 available to the general public. This discussion is about the previous season’s plotline. Let’s see what Ajin has to offer here.

Ajin Season 3

Nagai Kei is a student, and the story revolves around Ajin, a demi-human. He meets an unfortunate accident one day, however. During that day, he learned that he is an Ajin. There is no kind of injury that Ajin cannot heal, regardless of how severe it is. Accidents and diseases cannot affect Ajin.

Any black ghost can be shaped into Ajin and reformed with any entity. Any demi-human can be seen by him. Adjins can challenge governments. Nevertheless, the government has committed many inhuman acts against the Ajins. Furthermore, the Ajins community is subject to many restrictions from the government due to the creatures’ softness. As the movie continues, the story gets more fascinating and amazing. Netflix has previous seasons 1 and 2 if you want to watch them.

Ajin Anime season 3 promo:

The release of Ajin season 3 has not been announced yet; however, the production team is excited about releasing the new and latest season. Although the moviemaker wishes to release the third season of his drama series in 2020, he is not permitted to do so due to the pandemic threat facing the world. As a result, viewers are eagerly anticipating the show’s third season. Also, the viewers are looking forward to the third season

Ajin season 3 cast and characters:

Characters and actors in the Ajin series are talented and brilliant. Many of the actors and actresses in this season’s cast are returning from the previous season, which is a massive surprise for the viewers. Those who do the voice-overs do a great job. Here are the names of actors and actresses:

Kei Nagai’s voice is provided by Mamoru Miyano in Japanese; Johnny Yong Bosch provides the English voice for international viewers.

Kei Nagai Ajin Season 3

In the international market, Kaito provides the voice for Yoshimasa Hosoya rather than Bryce Papenbrook.

Griffin Burns provides the voice of Ko Nakano in English; Jun Fukuyama provides the Japanese voice.

Takahiro Sakurai performs the voice of Yu Tosaki in Japanese; Todd Hab does the same in English.

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