Pyrotechnics 5e

Within a 5-foot cube, pick a section of flame that is nonmagical and fits within your view. In this area, you will extinguish the fireplace, and then you will either create fireworks or smoke. Pyrotechnics 5e.

It won’t matter. The target will explode in a stunning display of colors. If the target is within 10 feet of any creature within the same turn, the creature must succeed on a Constitution saving throw or it will be blinded for the remainder of the turn.

Pyrotechnics, 5th edition

Pyrotechnics 5e
Total Time: 1 action
at a range of 60 feet
The components are: V, S
Time: Instant
No scaling

A magician, a bard, a sorcerer, and an artificer can use these spells

Smoke. Within a 20-foot radius, thick black smoke is emitted from the target. This smoke heavily obscures the world around it. Until a powerful wind disperses the smoke, it persists for one minute.
Young Primidon leaps out above the group with a brilliant flame leaping from his fingertips. Bursts of white fire wreathe the skies overhead as a set of clouds forms. Primidon sees a picture of a dragon that comes right down to kiss his hand before being ripped apart by a torrent of flames. As soon as the cyclone subsides, brilliant ballistic missiles of light shoot upward into the air, creating an array of colors within a crystal globe. One final spin of the sphere leads to the group’s ooing and aahing. Therefore, the show is over. A man approaches Primidon as he wipes sweat from his bow.

Fireworks or thick clouds of smoke can be created by Pyrotechnics, depending on your choice. Each fire will be instantly extinguished once it is ignited. Fireplaces larger than a 20-foot cube are only partially extinguished. While a fire-based creature used as a source suffers 1 point of injury per Caster Level, magic fires aren’t extinguished.

Fireworks are flashing, fiery, colored aerial lights that burn for a brief moment.

A creature within 120 feet of a fireplace source becomes blinded for 1d4+1 rounds (will negates). To be affected, the creature must be in line of sight of the fireplace. Blindness can be prevented by spell resistance.
There is a cloud of smoke billowing from the fireplace for one round per Caster Level. Cloud spreads out around 20 feet in all directions. The cloud renders all forms of sight ineffective, including Darkvision. The cloud penalizes Strength and Dexterity by –4 (Fortitude negates this penalty). After the cloud disperses or after the Creature leaves the cloud, the effects last for 1d4+1 rounds. The spell resistance does not apply.

Primidon, the Netherese pyromaniac creator of this spell, burning hands, and incendiary cloud, may have created Pyrotechnics in 1st edition. The spell has changed significantly since then. Previously, it had a variety of up to 400 feet. For the 4th edition, it had been a ritual of firing fireworks into the sky in the form of a flare. The purpose is simple now: to make your enemies unable to see you.

Though this spell isn’t natural to any animal, humanoid mages who ambush them in underground caverns find it astounding. Ambush the party while they’re sitting around the fire with a troupe of mercenary drow or a duergar mind master captain and his cohorts. When the party opens their eyes to the darkness, the blinding firework disorients them.

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