Which Industries Benefit the Most from Hosted VDI?

In every industry, there are a few challenges that are related to the factors like budget optimization, data security, BYOD policy, and remote working. When an organization needs to secure the information of their customers while having a strong collaboration and communication, they need to communicate with data as quickly as possible. 

So, to complete those crucial tasks, all those industries need the help of the VDI or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. VDI is a particular technology that can meet the different demands of different industries. 

The reason is VDI can easily all the tasks from security to managing costs, thus, making the diverse challenges of different sectors simpler and a lot easier to handle.

What is VDI?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is a technology that uses virtual machines to provide and manage virtual desktops. VDI usually hosts the environments of the desktop on a server that is centralized as well as deploys them to end-users if requested.

Given below are industries that benefit the most from hosted VDI.

The industries that can enjoy benefits from hosted VDI

  • Healthcare industry

In the healthcare industry, the topmost concern is the confidentiality of data. Each organization in this industry needs to be HIPAA compliant, meaning no file of the customers can go out of the organization without permission.

With the help of hosted VDI, admins can easily grant permissions, control access, and also encrypt data files. Every medical staff can check the details that they are allowed to access. Other than this, all data is masked from authorized access with internal firewalls.

  • Finance and accounting

Bookkeepers, tax experts, and accountants can easily use VDI to have their accounting data available to them constantly. Every professional working in this sector can easily access a digital copy of their accounting data. Along with this, the employees can also communicate, share, and collaborate the data with the help of hosted VDI.

Apart from ease of security and strong communication, hosted VDI also helps the employees by improving their compliance structure. The employees can easily work with PCI and HIPAA regulations no matter what they are using.

  • Education sector

One of the crucial reasons for choosing hosted VDI in the education sector is no doubt the BYOD policy. Since the surge of the COVID-19, many students are still taking lessons from home. 

Though this situation is manageable by the students; however, the situation has become worse for teachers. The procedures like data sharing, handling the internet, and class assignments have become challenging.

With the help of hosted VDI, the education sector can easily mitigate these problems and offer a hassle-free environment to every student. Teachers can easily have access to updated data and materials to educate the students without any challenge.

  • Manufacturing industry

In a large number of manufacturing firms, many employees work in shifts. This huge workforce can easily enjoy a lot of benefits from hosted VDI. With the use of virtual desktops, the costs of IT-related jobs reduce immediately, while the increased productivity. 

Employees who need to check important details or data on computers or other personal devices. In this way, the costs of hardware are reduced to a great extent. Therefore, many crucial industries can be benefitted from hosted VDI, as this can offer different types of advantages that can simplify many tasks.

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